Angie Kershner

Atlanta, Georgia

My name is Angie Kershner. I am a newlywed, living in Atlanta, Georgia. I moved here in April of 2013 from West Palm Beach, Florida, where I was born and raised. I'm currently (and happily) adjusting to Atlanta life, being a wife to my awesome fella, and building my brand as a NASM certified Personal Trainer and ultimately as a certified yoga instructor.

I've worn many hats as far as career and jobs go, but I've finally found a calling: health and wellness. I should've seen it before. It was always right under my nose! This business of being an adult and having it all figured out is hard stuff sometimes!

I am not perfect. Nobody is. But, as long as you try harder than you did yesterday, you will always achieve progress. I try to focus on health, strength and nutrition to keep my physical being in the best shape. I focus on love, friendships and spirituality to strengthen the soul. This is all a journey for me - feel free to tag along!

  • Work
    • Colony Square Athletic Club
  • Education
    • NASM Certified Personal Trainer
    • AHA CPR Certified
    • BS Education at University of Central Florida