Angie Rueda

Investigator and Student in Bogotá, Colombia

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I am an Investigator and student currently living in Bogotá, Colombia. My interests range from music to movies. I am also interested in travel, dogs, and camping.

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I am an adventurous person who loves to travel and motorcycles, and I always combine these two hobbies. During the last years I have been traveling through some cities in Colombia such as Medellín, Puerto Gaitán, Cali and others close to Bogotá.

I have had a motorcycle for three years and thus I have known different cultures and people. I've been thinking about visiting a new city and making new friends.

I have traveled to the island of San Andres, there I saw incredible things, an absolutely different culture from the city and a great variety of marine species, it has been a great experience.

I've been thinking come back again next year with my friends.

Seriously, I like to travel !!! I hope to continue doing it for many years!