Bangkok Escorts

Bangkok, Thailand.

Hello my name is Angie and I am a Bangkok escort for the Bangkok escort agency Absolute Angels Bangkok. I have had this career for nearly 5 years and my passion for it is still as strong as it was when I started. I really enjoy what it is that I do, meeting tourists and people visiting my wonderful country and showing them all of the best places to visit, the best restaurants to eat at etc. It is something that everyone seems to appreciate.

I have chosen to work for Absolute Angels Bangkok as they provide a highly professional and reliable service for their customers. From the top down they are ran with the same basic principals, treat every customer the same with respect and kindness and everyone is happy. Our customers also appreciate our strict privacy policy ensuring all of your personal information remains strictly confidential and will not be passed onto anyone else.

If you are visiting Bangkok over the course of the year be sure to stop by and say hello and spend an evening with myself or one of my fellow beautiful Bangkok escorts as you can see in ourgallery. Treat yourself to a once in a lifetime experience in one of the most beautiful countries in the world.