angie aker

Kenosha, Wisconsin

If you're content reaching the same audience over and over, I'm not the person you should talk to. If you're brave enough to do what works to reach the general public and move them on your issue, then I'm your gal.

I specialize in taking policy wonk language and making it accessible. My gift is reaching people where they're at.

About Angie Aker

Angie Aker came to Upworthy in September 2013 after transitioning from the corporate world to, where she experimented with making important ideas “go viral.” She’s the mind behind “Two Lesbians Raised A Baby And This Is What They Got”, the headline that helped the video become YouTube’s Most Watched Political Video of 2011. Angie's writeup of the video was responsible for approximately 14 million views in 7 days (out of 18 million views overall) and over a million shares on Facebook.

Angie is also known as Kenosha, Wisconsin's first ever Poet Laureate, "that chick who shaved her head in high school," as well as a pretty okay mom.

  • Work
    • Sponsored Sections Manager, Upworthy
  • Education
    • Business Management And Communications