Angie Bartley

I am a shy girl who grew up in small town Indiana, now living in the big metropolis of Louisville, KY. By day, I'm a number cruncher for a novelty candy company. By night, an advocate for women suffering from vaginismus, trying to get my story out so other women can get the help and treatment they so deserve!

I wish there were more hours in the day to spend time doing the things I like. I play drums, am currently learning acoustic guitar and would learn about any other instrument I could afford to buy if I could. I spend most of my free time with my partner of over 7 years and our 2 kitties. We enjoy going to concerts and have been to quite a few over the past year.

I just recently overcame vaginismus with 6 weeks of physical therapy and have a new passion to be an advocate to women out there who are suffering silently through pain. I am doing what I can to get my story out so that other women will realize they deserve to be pain free!