Angie Broussard

Lisburn, Ireland.

Hello, my name is Angie Grace Wickham Broussard, but most of the people calls me Angie, lol. Im fourteen years old and im a skittle lover, im truly madly deeply in love with those candies, they're so asdakjslm. Im from Great Britain, exactly from Manchester, uk, but I currently moved to Lisburn, such a beautiful town located in Northern Ireland. My dad is british, and my mum is french. Let's say my accent isnt either british or french, its super weird being honest... Am what else can I tell you about me? I love twitter, im quite obsessed, haha, I love singing and playing the guitar <3 My best friends are Summer Anderson, a beautiful brunette from Seattle, she moved to Manchester a year ago. Also my other best friend is from Louisiana and her name is Victoria, we are just distance friends but trust me, she is so amazing and also such a wonderful singer! Okay I totally don't know what to say, so you can ask me anything, okies? ily already, even though idk you, lmao, see youuuu! Take care xx.

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    • Student at Wallace High School.