Angelica Castellaneta

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Eight years ago I swam with the fish in the sea, enjoyed the sun warming my face, and dreamed of what snow would be like. Then it was goodbye Italy and hello Canada where my wish to see glimmering snowflakes would come true. My brother and I were mesmerized, there was so much snow! Piles and piles, and of course it happened to be the coldest day of the year. Minus 48 ... brrrrr. Now of course the snow has lost its charm and I very much enjoy staying indoors with a mug of hot chocolate warming my hands.

The transition to this new life was difficult at first. The culture shock was really affecting me, but of course being younger I found everything new exciting. I would go off on adventures to the library and school by myself and spend most of my time reading. Most people are amazed that I don't have an accent once I tell them I am originally from Italy but the only reason I don't is because I drank in the English language through books. I learned to spell better than my classmates and my vocabulary expanded; soon I was the one they would go to for advice on their own language.

I loved (and love) English as a language, but also as a class, and in class was where I learned to write. I remember in grade 5 we had to write our own short story and publish it in a bound book, my classmates hated the assignment, but my imagination was sprung loose . At first I wrote the story in Italian and then translated it into English. The title was,"The Midnight Meetings," a story of forbidden love.

Years later I would get one of my short stories published in a book by entering a Nation wide writing contest; and then twice more. Once my writing was finally accepted as a talent rather than hobby I began my first novel (which I am still writing by the way). Now I study Professional Communication at Ryerson University and I'm writing this blog which will hopefully provide me some relief from my thoughts and give other people food for thought.