Angiee López

Student in Bogotá, Colombia

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I’m going to tell about mi life and my experiences

I’m 22 years old, I was born in Neiva and I’ve been living in Bogota since I was a nine years old. I don’t have siblings, but in my house we’ve been had and adopted dogs since I was a little child. Now I have 3 dogs, among those, there is a dog than I adopted 5 years ago. I adore animals and for that, I’ve been vegetarian since almost 2 years. At the beginning, it was complicated, but it has been gratifying.

I studied Criminal Investigation because I wanted to enter at the police, but finally I gave up at this idea 3 years ago. When I was finishing my career, I realized that it wouldn’t have future in this country and if I wanted that, I would have to study law, but I don’t like law. I disappointed of this and the police because my profession wouldn’t valid with them and for different known scandals. If I presented at the police, I would be denied because I have scoliosis. So, I felt than I lost time. And to the same period, my mom knew about my sexuality and my family wouldn’t accept that. I got depressed, I went to therapy and since then, I’ve been reading more, riding bicycle and doing things that I’ve always wanted to do.

I love to travel and I’ve known Santa Marta, La Guajira and San Andres Island. To my holidays in my last job, I traveled along at Cancun and Mexico City exactly 1 year ago. It was amazing because I could know an incredible culture, resolve some things and know what I will do with my life. Also, I’ve been gone at Yage ritual, it’s a hard experience, but I’ve felt like a new person on the next day. I’ve been cooked for many years like a hobby, so I realized I’m good at cooking.

And for all of these, I’ve thought that my future is cooking.