Angie Fernandez

Bogota, Colombia.

AGE: 17

My School Was: San Juan Bosco. Bogota, Colombia

I live in: Bogota, Colombia

I'm from: Bogota, Colombia

I live with: My mom, My brother, My Cousins, and My Uncle.

Likes: Food, act, music, tv, videogames

Dislikes: Sports, vegetables.

Favorite Food: Pizza, Lasagna, rice with chicken

Adress: St. 34A south No. 4A-20

Personal: My parents are separated, my dad live out Bogota, I visit to him in vacations or events importants. I live with my mom all my life. Also I live with my half-brother, my uncle and my cousins. My dad live with his wife and my half-sisters. I'm only child.

  • Work
    • Don't Work
  • Education
    • ECCI University