Angie C

Hi, my name is Angela and I run a fandom account on Instagram called @_lady_mabelton_. My irl friends call me Angela, but I prefer Angie or Dipper. I enjoy fangirling over cartoons and fictional characters. When I'm not fangirling over them, I'm making edits of them! (What else would I do in my spare time?). I love making people laugh and smile, that's why I made my account! Sometimes I will post feels, and it can get pretty deep. I'm a very depressing person, I have anxiety and depression and I'm also anti-social, but I have a lot of internet friends who can/will cheer me up and it makes me feel special how I'm actually wanted.Oh yeah, did I mention I'm wendip and billdip trash? Yup, I'm shipping trash. I WILL ship anyone with anything, if you don't believe just watch! 😂 I hope you enjoy my account and such and thanks for reading this :P (And also, I'm a secretly a demigod from Cabin 6, that's why I have a camp half blood shirt. I only say it's merchandise because most people can't handle the truth)