Angie McCallister

I'm most comfortable in Camo! I grew up in Greenville, SC with one sister and we were raised around stock car racing. Continuing to carry the McCallister name, my sister and I reached our thirties and chose to stay in the racing industry. I have owned The Travel Connection for 12 years, which is a booking agent for many race teams and drivers. My sister owns her own Marketing Company geared toward the marketing race car drivers. I also do a great deal of PR and spotting work for different drivers. Sometimes being the only female on the road and in the spotters stand, one would think that I might feel out of place. Not at all, in fact just the opposite. I feel right at home. It came very easy for me to talk “guy talk,” from racing to sports and best of all, hunting. Now there is a jaw dropper!
I began hunting in 1998, introduced to the outdoors by an old friend. I fell in love with the sport. It has been an adventure to say the least. I mainly hunt whitetail deer and have put a lot of hours in the field and in the books, studying. I can honestly say that it is a true passion, one that I hope to pass along to my 16 yr. old daughter, Megan Ann. I hunt riffle and archery seasons. My favorite is archery season. It’s a bigger challenge for me and I use a crossbow instead of compound bow. Some say that is and easier route. Well, I think not! I have had to overcome many obstacles that have occurred on and off of the ground. I’m constantly learning each and every time I enter the field. I keep a journal on every hunt and go back from time to time to review them. The notes usually end up with a great hunting tip or a lesson learned. It is then; I decide to write a story from the notes of a particular hunt. I hope in doing this, someone will read my stories and if they find themselves in a similar situation in the field, they may remember the story and apply what I learned. If not, maybe just a giggle or two as they remember some of “my finer” moments in the field. My friends call me “Grace” if that is any indication of my charismatic personality out in the field. Heck, I laugh at myself from time to time. I do enjoy every second when I’m out in the great outdoors; some are just more graceful than others.