Angie Milinazzo

Realtor and Residential Real Estate Agents in Denver, Colorado

Hello everyone I’m Angie. I’m a Real Estate Professional and I have a large impact on many peoples’ lives. The acts of buying and selling a home can be extremely stressful for the regular Tai or Grant, and they rely on the experience and expertise of realtor to make the process as smooth as possible. As a Real Estate Agent, I wear many hats. A successful agent has to be adept in a variety of skills such as:

*Generating leads through various marketing campaigns, like phone calls, email, and online ads.

*Negotiating deals between buyers and sellers that can also lead to the need to resolve conflicts.

*Holding open houses as well as escorting potential buyers to properties that match their needs

*Creating legal documents like lease agreements, contracts, and deeds

*Consistently keeping up to date with the local and national real estate market trends

*Able to negotiate

*Excellent Interpersonal Communication

*Advanced math skills

*Effective use of marketing techniques

*Knowledgeable of all federal and local laws regarding real estate


*Expert customer service skills

*Flexible & Resourceful

*Ability to Network

​I am a FULL-TIME dedicated agent living in Thornton, Colorado. I am a fan of music, travel, and entrepreneurship. I’m also interested in design and fashion. You can visit my website with a click on the button above.

  • Work
    • Milinazzo Realty Group LLC
  • Education
    • Kaplan University
    • Red Rocks Community College
    • Front Range Community College
    • Michael Taylors