Angie Ostojic

Calgary Alberta Canada

I was a teacher by profession in the Philippines but my wages were not enough to support everyone including extended family. Because of the extreme poverty we were going through I decided to I leave the country when I was about 19 years old, to work as a housekeeper abroad. I was scared, I don’t want to leave that time but I need to, for us all to survive. I struggle so much along the way but I have a strong Faith & I never lost Hope for a better future. 1996 I was so excited when I received an approval on my application to come to Canada, it was a real blessing. I arrived with 5 pieces of clothes, struggle to fight the cold and the worst thing, my employer was not ready for me, survive over a month with limited cash. I thank God everyday for all my struggles in life which starts in my early age for they keep me stronger and stronger to desire for change. I need to tell you something that keeps me up at night. My grandmother work all her life until she died on her 95th birthday, she never stop working. Unfortunately when she died not a dollar on her name to bury her & even all her children put their small contributions it was not enough to have a simple burial for my dear grandma, so they decided to ask money from me, thank God I was able to help then. I was devastated loosing her that way but it shook me and seriously see the reality that if I won’t do something to end the chain of poverty it will, with out a doubt be pass on to my kids and to their generations to come. That is my biggest dilemma and the reason I can’t quit, I can’t give up and failure is not an option. Birthday January 19 Gender Female Relationship Status Married to Tony Ostojic Anniversary January 10 Languages Tagalog, Ilocano and English

  • Work
    • Double Diamond Ambassador - SoZo Global
  • Education
    • Immaculate Conception Parish School
    • Holy Cross School Class of 1986
    • Divine Word College of Bangued Class 1990