Angie Parameswari

Business owner and Interior designer in Jakarta, Indonesia

Angie Parameswari

Business owner and Interior designer in Jakarta, Indonesia

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Ananda Parameswari as known as Angie Parameswari was born on February 21, 1986 in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, to parents Ir. Umar Faruk and his wife, Rd. Rini Irani Goemira,S.Psi. She has a sisters named Indrani Paramita, S.T and Meisara Lingga Artharani, S.Sos, MM. Her family lived in Bandung, West Java.


On 2004, she began her study as an interior design student at Bandung Institute of Technology. She got her degree as an interior designer on 2009. She graduated with well GPA when she was 23.


After graduated, she worked for PTI Architects Indonesia, as an Interior designer. Her responsibilities is in developing initial ideas and acquiring key information about potential projects, discussing requirements in detail with clients and setting project schedules. She also preparing detailed working drawings, designs, plans, models and schemes for the project. She worked closely with quantity surveyors to establish costs and work schedules on larger projects, with architects and other design professionals to determine the best use of space and with manufacturers and contractor.

after that, she worked for Real-Estate developer, Agung Podomoro Land, Tbk. as fit-out coordinator and project development. Her responsibilities is in organize procedures and instructions related to fit-out policy. She Hold regular meetings to coordinate engineer team, tenants owner design team and contractors, project area team to make ready and keep maintained site area for construction in accordance with the approved construction program. She also Managed the approval process of design submittals with design review team, ensure timely turn-around time of design approvals and tenant’s timely submissions of design.

now, she make her own company named Hexaventura Internusa. Hexaventura is a Jakarta based company specializing in the design, consultation, and supervising installation of interior, furniture of house and office. with her co-owner mr. Dudit Danniswara and mr. Aris Wibowo.


She is an active voice for design movement through Young Interior Designer of Indonesia Community (YIDI), involved in several design exhibition with Young Interior and product designer's community named APTIDATI around Bandung and Jakarta.. Its always been her passion to share her vision and ideas to give the best design solution for everyone who needed.