Angie Pina

To say that I love my life and feel very, very blessed is an understatement. I have so much to be thankful for and count my blessings daily. I have six awesome children, 3 perfect grandchildren (#4 on the way) and a wonderful, amazing husband that happens to be my very best friend.

A little about me--I'm hardly perfect, but it's good to know in my heart that I'm a kind person. I'd never intentionally hurt anyone. I don't believe in being mean. I hate to see anyone cry and love to see people smile. I genuinely appreciate and care about people. I set a goal a few years ago to return to college (even with a job, large family, and lots of responsibilities) and get my Bachelors in Advanced Legal Studies and I reached that goal-I feel very acccomplished by being able to do this.

I'm proud to be American-taking nothing away from any other country, I'm just being thankful for my own. It may not be perfect--what place is?--but I love it nonetheless.

Bottom line is- I love life, good and bad, each day is a gift and I respect and appreciate each and every one.