Angie Saavedra

Student in Bogotá, Colombia

My name's Angie Saavedra, I'm 27 and I'm Economist.

Actually, I work in the Banco de la Republica de Colombia, in the area responsible for financial support. Now I'm in formation process of my own company with my family.

I studied my career in La Universidad del Rosario and I studied my specialization in La Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, I'm certificate as one of the best professional faculty, I have the experience necessary for direct the company I'm forming.

I was always the student with the highest average in the School and the University, I received awards for excellence all my life and this fills me of pride. Also I master perfectly trilingual: English, French, and mi home language Spanish.

I was trained by the bests to be the best.

I'm of average height; I have brown skin, brown eyes, long black hair. I have always tried to have a very feminine appearance.

I come from a humble family, medium-low stratus, but that was never an impediment to move forward and fulfill my dreams.

I'm a responsible person very capable and autonomous. I'm a leader and I can handle a high number of people, earn their trust and be an excellent boss.

I believe that perseverance and self-love are the foundation of success and that is what I have always tried to include in my life. I'm very skilled with numbers and mathematical operations; I'm an active reading and performing art lover.

My favorite book is "Ensayo sobre la ceguera" of Nobel Prize in Literature (1998) Jose Saramago. He's an excellent writer, I admire him.

I want to make this a better word and I want always be happy with what I do.