Angie Sanders

Los Angeles, California, United States

Being a mom is the most exhilarating, exhausting job ever. Less sleep is a job requirement as a parent. You hear about it before having kids but have no idea how challenging it can be until you're in the thick of it. Still, it's the greatest experience of my life and I'm so flippin grateful to be mommy to my son, who was born in 2009.

I'm a certified Parent Educator of Teach Through Love, though sometimes I feel certifiable before I get my coffee in the morning!

I'm an adoptive parent, and founder of one of the largest adoptive parents and family support group in Los Angeles. I speak on adoption and have loads to share about our emotional roller coaster journey. We chose open domestic adoption because it was the right thing for us. Our son is bi-racial. His birthmom is Caucasian and birth father is African-American.

In my past life, B.P. (Before Parenthood), I was an acting coach and casting director. Was honored to work as Casting Associate on the comedy film Step Brothers and for a short while on the TV show, The Office. You can even see me for a blip of a second on one of the episodes!

I've always loved movies, TV, books and music. Not as much time to actually go to a theater to see a movie these days! Thank goodness for streaming! Ah, the coveted, date night with my husband is lacking these days, like my hours of sleep.

Through my workshops and speaking engagements, my mission is to help parents better connect with their children by teaching peaceful parenting methods that taps into self-regulation, emotional intelligence, and learning about brain development, for them and their child. Basically help life be less chaotic and more sane. Yes! It is possible (with more sleep).

Just trying to keep my wits while spinning plates as a stay-at-home-working-mom.

Our home is usually messy but full of love and laughter.

My blog (coming soon) will share my true adventures and observations of life. One that is a mass of contradictions, just like me! It's filled with chaos, peace, joy, laughter, struggles, wonder, spirituality, humor, movies, books, laundry, dishes, cats and dogs, trips to Target, groceries, play dates, oh and of course, my son, marriage, friends and loads of love, and more. From meditation to mayhem, I'm forever a student of life and just trying to figure it all out and be the best me, mom and wife I can be!