Angie Ella


Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. No truer words could have been spoken. I'm on an endless journey to find beauty everywhere.

My top passion, after Jesus, is without a doubt make-up and anything that can beautify! Creativity is my nature.

Who am I? I'm a twenty-something lass who lives with her hubby in the United Kingdom. A magpie with a penchant for vintage, girly, sparkly and pretty. My hubby is the love of my live and everything that I could wish for. We both travel often and enjoy spending time with one another.

My husband has made peace with my beauty antics and doesn't blink twice anymore if I wear crazy eyelashes or way-out-there eyeshadows. It is what I live for.

I'd love to spread a positive message on my blog and show you how special and gorgeous you actually are!