Dating & Relationship Coach in Singapore


Every woman needs a man. You don't have to look like a fashion model to have great relationship with handsome and successful man. I have done it, and so can you! I am an Asian girl who is in a very satisfying relationship with a Caucasian man, and I will share my success tips with you.

Are you still single and getting tired of casual dating? Do you wonder why the ang moh or caucasian men you dated don't seem to see you as "The Right Girl?" Would you rather meet a man, build a friendship, then a relationship, perhaps get married and continue to build your relationship for life?

You are a mature woman with good career and bright future, but something seems to be missing in your life. Yes, you deserve to meet that one man who will take good care of you and love you forever. And I will coach you to be ready for him.

Many women I coached have successfully got into the relationship they wanted. Some are happily married and expecting babies, some are engaged and excited about their future, and some are contentedly building their relationship. I helped them, and I can help you too.

WHEN YOU INVEST IN A RELATIONSHIP COACH, YOU ARE INVESTING IN YOUR FUTURE! A future of happy and fulfilling relationship with a wonderful man who loves you.

Let's get you ready for a relationship with your Mr. Right. I will help you find out what you really want and how you can get it. I will teach you what you need to know to keep your man inlove with you. Contact me at to book your relationship coaching session.