Angela Tillges

Angie has been with Redmoon for nine years. She began as an art intern in the build shop carving boots for Cyrano. Over the years she has pushed fire off the 18th street bridge in Sink, Sank Sunk, explored expressionism as Assistant Director of The Cabinet, and transformed the town center of Letterkenny Ireland with an artistic team of 108 nine-year olds. Her work as an artist and an educator are simultaneous, she has trained hundreds of emerging artist interns, youth, and community members in the aesthetics of Redmoon. Since 2007 she has served as Director of Neighborhood Arts Program where she leads creative education programs in school classrooms, community centers, universities, detention centers, church basements, public parks, and arts centers. She has directed countless community events, most recently the 2011 Youth Spectacle, created and performed by 750 Chicago youth.
Her favorite Redmoon event was Loves Me. Loves Me Not. “Watching that show reminded me that you can know all the pieces of a machine entirely and still be in awe of it.”

Passion: Creating both tiny and tremendous experiences that shift the way people perceive their world.

Practice: Empowering others.

Prediction: Fortune cookie message “A conclusion is simply the place where you got tired of thinking.”