Angie Toh

Intimacy Coach in Singapore

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I am an intimacy coach, trainer and speaker working mainly with busy professionals in creating sustainable changes from within and live a happy, fulfilled, uninhibited and ecstatic life. I used to struggle a lot with my life and has low self esteem and play small in my life. Never in my wildest dream would I imagine that the invisible and awkward girl will rise up to become a coach and speaker one day. To think that public speaking used to be my biggest fear!

I have always been spiritual but was never happy. I hit a low point in my life in my mid 30s and that got me on my inner work journey. I started to remove the layers and layers of armour that I had stored in my heart and my body with breathwork, bodywork and tantra. With each layer of armour that I released, I find more joy and bliss and more confidence.

I have been coaching and doing breathwork therapy for 8 years and it was only in 2015 that I was divinely guided to incorporate tantra to support others, To be honest, I resisted this for a while as I was fearful of what society will judge me if I would to openly talk about sexual energy, intimacy, sex etc. However, I have learned to trust and follow my true purpose in life. Tantra is something I am deeply passionate with and I hope to share and educate men and women and support each of you to unlearn and relearn about who you are as a sexual being and start to live an effortless, joyful and purposeful life. A healthy sexual esteem will lead to a healthy self esteem.

Other than tantra, I am also a certified coach and trained in a releasing technique using the power of the breath to let go of trauma, tension and limiting belief. In addition, I am also a NLP practitioner, an enneagram coach and laughter yoga leader, Different people respond to different modalities at different stages of our life journey and I tune in to see what my clients need. I also deliver training on stress management, emotional resilience, coaching, personal effectiveness and enneagram.