Angie Tyler

Proverbs 27:1
"Boast not thyself of tomorrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth."

I never dreamed a year after my automobile accident in 2008, I would find myself facing several more near death experiences. I was in a second automobile accident on November 21, 2009. The major difference between the one in 2008 and the one in 2009 was I received no major injuries during the second accident. However, although I was not the one found to be at fault in the first wreck, I definitely was the one who caused the second accident to occur. It is difficult to blame someone, especially when no other vehicles are involved in the accident you are in. Therefore, I am thankful because I received no major injuries. I was released to go home from the hospital by the afternoon. The only thing the paramedics found to be unusual when they arrived on the scene of the accident was my blood sugar levels appeared to be extremely low. They recommended I seek immediate advice from my primary care physician in regard to this matter. Science has proven that the symptoms of low blood sugars can cause extreme fatigue and possible comas. I took their advice and in March of 2010, I was diagnosed with a rare disease called "Nesidioblastosis". The disease is known to cause the pancreas to over-produce too much insulin, which in return causes tumors to grow in the body. The only cure for it, was to remove part or all of the pancreas. I was scheduled for surgery at MUSC on 4/29/10. Dr. David Adams removed 75% of my pancreas. The surgery was successful; but unfortunately, two days later when I requested medication for my pain - an anestheosiologist accidently over-medicated me through my epidural. She stated to us when she entered into the room, "I'm going to give you in 5 minutes what your body would normally receive over the course of an hour." When she walked out of the room, my son noticed I had stopped breathing. He ran out into the hallway and called for my nurse. A code "BLUE" was given and it took approximately 20 minutes before they were able to recicitate me back to life. I was taken to ICU and put into an induced coma. The doctors exact words to my family were, "We are going to put Angie to sleep for 2-3 days so her body can have time to heal properly." Unfortunately, those 2-3 days turned into 40 days of me being in a coma. It was during that time, I developed a disease known as "ARDS" (Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome).