Angeline (Angie) Yap

Volunteer, Artist, and Social Media Manager in San Francisco, California

I believe we all embody the courage to overcome any struggle - that courage, that force is within all of us.

I believe people want to contribute to the world and be a part of a change that is positive. They seek the wisdom, and all of us have the capacity to show and encourage them to take the first step.

I believe we all can play together in the same sandbox, and be both winners and losers at the same time. What counts is the learnings within the journey, more so, than the destination.

I believe there is no success that comes without a struggle – how can you experience the sweetness without knowing the bitter?

I believe more than just helping someone, give them a chance – gratitude is one of the most powerful emotions, and the biggest motivator, but yet we usually underestimate it.

I believe when someone hurts you, instead of getting even, get more resolute on your convictions. Harness the anger without the rage, so it can actually teach you.

We all have a message inside of us, that gives a snippet to the world about who we are. I have shared mine – what is yours?

  • Work
    • Bubu's, Shark Minutes
  • Education
    • Stanford University
    • George Washington University
    • Bemidji State University