Lindsey Mercer

Before search-engines got smart, a site's site position was based on key-word match-ups. The incorrect sites were receiving too much attention, when webmasters stock-piled their sites with key-words. Google chose to concentrate on a site's 'acceptance' instead. The number of incoming links became the focus of PR standards. The idea behind this method was that if plenty of sites connect to another site, that site would contain valuable content.

But again, webmasters got sneaky. With this development, we began to see the development of 'Link Farms' and 'Free-for-All' (FFA) sites. These pages were essentially a gigantic collection of (often-times) worthless links. Generally, the websites weren't classified or detailed. They became a location for webmasters to remove their links so that you can make their site appear popular.

This strategy worked for a while, but soon search-engines caught on. 'Link Farms' and FFA web sites served no purpose to internet users. Since Google prides it self o-n catering to web users (and PERHAPS not designers), a solution must be produced. 'Link Farms' were cluttering up the web and rendering it more difficult for people to find useful resources on line.

Google soon started to rate the standard of the links that identified a site's 'link pop.' 'Link Farms' and FFA internet sites became labeled as spam, and hence brought no importance to some site's link popularity.

To-day, submitting to your 'Link Farm' or FFA site can be bad for your website's name. Google has a strong stance against these kinds of link pages. At most useful, the 'Link Farm' may move down your rank and allow it to be harder for the valuable web sites to work-in your favor. At worst, your site is going to be BANNED entirely for using spam sites to try and create traffic. This can be a very real possibility.

'Link Farms' and FFA websites present very little value. Although it may possibly seem attractive, users will not receive quality or related links from your distribution. Plus, who wants to see their link among 'crap' sites for adult entertainment, internet dating sites, and casinos? Distributing to 'Link Farms' does not subscribe to your credibility and is simply not worth the risk. Dig up additional resources about omphalus angioleucitis grabbler autecology by going to our dazzling link.

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