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There are many hotels in Antigua and Barbuda. If you're worried about how you are going to get to your hotel, you will find flights which fly to Antigua which are scheduled to depart from several major international destinations. There are also ferries that take people to Antigua. It's possible to rent car or taxi services so that you can travel around. Additionally, there are several travel and tour companies which can assist you with transport needs.

Most of the resorts in Antigua and Barbuda will provide you with shuttle service to take you to your destinations. If you would prefer to drive, you can rent a car or try out bikes that are provided by the travel and tour businesses. If you are an avid traveler, then you may want to consider leasing a car and taking a day excursion to the next staircase. After you arrive, you'll be able to learn more about the countryside and get involved in some amazing outdoor pursuits.

If you do not care for seeing the outside, then there are loads of indoor activities and sports to occupy you. There is an enormous variety of spas, pools, and fitness centers to keep you in shape. If you are interested in baking or cooking, there are bake sales, cookery courses about the best way to create homemade products. You can also attend cultural events and dances which take place daily.

Antigua and Barbuda have over 300 species of fauna and flora. The island is considered to be among the most biodiversity hotspots in the world. If you are into boating, fishing, or other water-based activities, you'll be very pleased with the broad range of water sport fishing spots that are available on Antigua and Barbuda. The waters are full of tropical fish and other tropical wildlife.