Denice De Guzman

Writer, Editor, and Geek Nanny in Manila, Philippines

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In a world that takes itself at face value, Denice's role in life has become that of one who looks for the integrity of things. She had done so when she was handed the reins of a nationwide travel magazine at 26, and now that she is older, it has become her passion to establish sincerity in everything she touches. Her magazine management background has taught her to make both sides of the conversation care about substance: brands and readers alike. She writes, edits and conceptualizes for diverse types of content, and her eye for design also helps in framing the message.

She is slowly building the magazine she has long longed for: a woman's lifestyle magazine that defies the current Filipina trope. She is interested in feminism, all kinds of geekery, social psychology, bad but funny pick-up lines, Baybayin script, and the strange strange world of the internet. Once a month, she can be found running Geekfight Trivia Night as a committee member. She is also part of Deus Sex Machina, a live comedy erotica reading performance that brings the funny to sex-positivism.

*Photo by Nick Conneff

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    • University of Santo Tomas