Michael Angotti

Seattle, WA

In the daytime I'm a program manager for Seattle's largest advertising agency. At night I'm a foodie, theatre goer and self-appointed critic.

My 10+ years of project management experience have taken me to outer space, mythical jungles, far-flung kingdoms, ecological hotspots, and the most creative recesses of the brain. Having worked in telecom (AT&T), entertainment (Cranium, WizKids, Xeko), and merchandising (BDA), I've stewarded the production and manufacture of several lines of tabletop games, developed and implemented workflow processes, kept projects and people on task, and been the consummate problem-solver. This theatre major comes with but one whimsical warning: "Danger: Show Tunes Ahead!"

  • Work
    • Seattle Wunerman Network
  • Education
    • College of Eastern Utah
    • University of Utah
    • University of Phoenix