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Student in Österreich

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✨ Tyler | he/him | satanist ✨

'Sup I'm Tyler, but feel free to call me T or Ty for short.

I'm a trans dude and live in a small country in Europe called Austria.

I speak english, german and french, german being my native language.

I'm currently in school, trying not to fail any classes, so excuse me if i take a while to reply. T^T( I'm actually the worst at replying ugh )

I dont ever start conversations, since my anxiety is pretty bad, but I always like to talk to (new) people, so feel free to hmu anytime!!

Here's a small list of things I'm interested in / passionate about in case you'd ever want to see if we have common interests \( • v •\ )

🔪 vaporwave aesthetic

🔪 scene / emo / goth

🔪 satanistic fews/perspectives of the world

🔪 runes and (old) calli- and cryptography

🔪 pastel/soft colors

🔪 Fiji water

🔪 blood / gore

🔪 cute boys

🔪 Dave!!!

Always remember that I love u and care about u a lot, because u are very precious and only deserve the best <3