Angga Santika

Designer in Bali, Indonesia

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Hi i'm Angga Sulaksana Santika or you can call me 'Angsul' instead.

Born and lived in Denpasar, Bali. Fell in love with computers, graphic design and things that related to photography, videography including video editing, 2d animation, etc. I've done my Multimedia study in STMIK STIKOM Bali.

I'm spending my free time with playing some rhythm games. It's enjoyable playing with keyboard following the rhythm and beat from song that i'd love. And since March 2017, i'm entering the world of photography with my entry level camera (thanks dad for the gift!) with kit and tele-macro lens. Taking picture of landscape, portrait, and some micro object around me.

If i having a bad mood.. i'd like to watch some movies or listening to various of songs.

You can reach me by contacting my social network :)

  • Education
    • SMPK 1 Harapan
    • SMAK 1 Harapan