Angus Lyon

Do you currently ...

Work long hours

Take little or no money from the business

Spend little or no time with your family

Feel like you have a job rather than a business

Work the hardest in the business... take the least amount of holiday

Business coaching for results: You'll love the fact that I guarantee you will get results!

As your coach, I will be working with you in five key areas. The emphasis on each
area depends on your needs, the type of business you have, and your goals. The
key areas are:

1. Sales and Marketing – I can help you and your team to improve top line revenue through more effective marketing, and improving you and your team's sales techniques. Whether you are selling face to face, using the telephone for inbound or outbound telesales and telemarketing you will see great results

2. Team building and Leadership - Find out how your business can attract, motivate and retain the staff you deserve as you become a strong business leader. Exceptional businesses are full of ordinary people doing great things

3. Goals and Planning – Learn to focus you and your team's energy and direction. Together, we can turn an ordinary business into exceptional businesses – that's one of high value and provides a large passive income, or is ready for sale.

4. Financial Mastery - I can show you how simple it is to understand and increase profit and loss, balance sheet and cashflow as well as your key performance indicators. Be in better control of your business, be confident in what is going on in your business and understand what needs to be done to in order to achieve the financial returns you want.

5. Mindset and Discipline - You can do all the nuts and bolts of business, but if you want accelerated success it is important to get your mind in the right place.

Take action! "Doing what you've always done, gets you what you always got"

Business Coaching from Angus has guaranteed results. Take action now - call me now for your complimentary one on one session: 01252 311 279