Angwell Travel

Wilmington, Delaware, United States

Headquartered in Delaware, Angwell Travel provides discounted vacation options to individuals and families all over the world. The company’s commitment to providing quality timeshare properties within the Caribbean Islands is reflected in its active membership in the Caribbean Timeshare Consumer Protection Association. Satisfied Angwell Travel clients have left glowing reviews and comments about their Caribbean vacations on the Traveler’s Chronicles page of the company website. The page also features positive reviews about vacations to New York City.

Angwell Travel advocates the exceptional value of buying resale timeshares rather than brand new developer timeshares. According to the agency’s discount travel experts, a resale timeshare will typically save clients up to 40 percent or more on their overall purchase. Other factors to keep in mind when buying a timeshare are encumbrances such as maintenance fees and taxes. Angwell stresses the importance of hiring a closing attorney to make certain that all mortgages have been paid and that all details have been taken into account.