Anh Phuong

Staying on top of our game rarely becomes our thuoc tri ung thu primary objective when simply making it through each day is tough enough. I suppose life itself is a game - one that sometimes becomes progressively more challenging each day. It's obvious that "survival," our principal objective, is bound to take precedence over playing well.

So if our energy is spent on surviving or simply getting from point A to B each day, where does the "game" enter the arena of life? No doubt living in a fast-paced society takes it’s toll, yet isn't there more to living than simply existing?

If you spend best fucoidan thuoc tri ung thu b a few moments pondering this issue, perhaps you'll discover a rational personal strategy for staying on top of your game. And when you do, I'm certain you'll be rewarded for your efforts. Playing the game of life with greater ease and joy than you’ve ever imagined is certainly worth the effort.

The key to staying on top of your game often requires a change of perspective, or better yet, an attitude adjustment. Perhaps the best place toegin is self-reflection prompted by one important question. Ask yourself if you really feel the way you’d like to feel.

Far more challenging than it seems, this question is often avoided. Sometimes it triggers sarcasm or a series of defense mechanisms. It's far easier to avoid one’s personal truth. Yet for now, try to set your standards at least a few notches beyond just breathing or being able to look down best fucoidan and see green.