Ani Kaszás


Ani Kaszas, a former Nationally Ranked Fencer and Rugby Musclehead, has been working as a Personal Trainer and Conditioning Coach in Toronto for over a decade. Having many years of experience at chain gyms, she decided to venture out on her own after butting heads with bosses who wanted her to do things "their way".

Ani believes every body can get in shape, and that doesn't mean fitting into a certain size jeans or exhausting oneself to the point of not enjoying the pleasures in life. Fitness is part of an overall balance, which includes healthy eating, not-so-healthy cheating (occassionally!) and a huge dose of good times and adventureing.

Keep your eye out for her new series "Fit in a Fat City", as Ani and partner Dain Wallis explore fitness through found spaces, as well as communities through physical experiences.

We can all get healthier; it simply takes a step out your front door into the vibrant community just beyond.

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