Filmmaker, Actor/Stuntman, and Life Coach in Ikeja, Nigeria

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Ani Iyoho is a multiple award nominated actor, screenplay writer, stuntman and filmmaker. He was born Aniekan Iyoho second September 1980. Ani iyoho joined the Actors Guild of Nigeria in 2004.

Ani Iyoho has been awarded recognition for Excellence as one of the Top 5% Entrepreneurs 2015 and was nominated for the best supporting actor at the AMAA for his performance as Shina in Potomanto 2014 and best actor AIFF 2017 and has also been nominated for best story and screenplay 2018 GMAA.

In 2016 Ani Iyoho achieved the first successful fire stunt in a Nollywood movie in Nigeria that went viral. The success of the stunt earned him a well acclaimed alias as Man On Fire.

Possessing further appreciable set of skills to complement his acting talent, and stuntmanship Ani Iyoho has a black belt in Shotokan karate and experience as a white belt in other forms of martial arts namely kungfu, Taekwondo, aikido. Ani also has a knack for singing, swimming, the ability to do most of his own stunts, and mimic accents he hears. The Man on Fire, Ani Iyoho is definitely a rising action/drama star to watch out for.

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    • C.E.O of LaMB Entertainment