Ona Anicello

Ona Anicello works at JP Morgan Chase as the Vice President, UX Research Lead. Her research focuses on mobile and tablet experiences and the next generation of ATM and branch banking. She created and oversees Chase’s UX Research Internship Program and is an active member of the HCDE’s Corporate Affiliate Program.

Before working at JP Morgan Chase, she was the Director of UX Research and owner of Fifth Element Usability; an agency that specialized in mobile and website user research for top clients; such, as T-Mobile, Fox Interactive, and The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Previous to that, she worked at, Amazon, MSN, and Microsoft’s Games Studio.

Ona is a lecturer in the Department of Human Centered Design and Engineering. She teaches Usability and User Centered Design. She conducts workshops to students in the TIP Program in the Business School learning to take patents to market.

In her free time, Ona is dedicated to community building. She’s the UXPA President for the Puget Sound area, where she holds usability workshops, networking nights, and Table 4 Eight dinners. She also enjoys volunteering and helped create BEAN, a volunteer and social networking non-profit, that has expanded nationally and internationally.

She holds a Master of Science degree in Human Centered Design and Engineering and two certifications in User Centered Design and Global Technology and Communication Management. Her undergraduate was in Psychology from the University of Washington and focused on human memory, learning, and intelligence.