Anieka Johnson

Dallas, Texas, Usa

Hello, welcome to my page.

I am a Jamerican woman recently relocated to Dallas, Texas from Atlanta, Georgia.

I have been working since the age of 14, and have many experiences with a variety of different "jobs." However, no more. I want to start my career.

Some facts about me:

Yes, I've been a flight attendant. It was pretty cool.

I have a particular love for Microsoft Excel and Access.

My absolute passion is promoting global gender equality.

I currently am a volunteer research assistant for the International Women's Think Tank.

I have been told that I am a geek. I disagree.

I watch anime, play computer games, draw (pointillism, pencil, and charcoal), read and learn new computer languages for fun.

I have eight years of administrative experience.

I am never late, always analytical, yet easy going.

I have a stubborn dog, Montego Bay Johnson, who will easily betray me for cheese, walks, and/or meat.

My global Masters program consisted of living in five different countries in an eleven month period.

Now that we've cleared the air. I am looking to start my career that strives to promote gender equality. If you are an organization that doesn't promote gender equality, send me a message telling me what your organization DOES support because I could be "into that sort of thing" too.

  • Education
    • Master's degree in International Relations
    • Bachelors degree in Spanish (concentration in International Business