Ani F. Illiyuni

Southeast Asia

Ani F. Illiyuni

Southeast Asia

TKIT Al-Muttaqin Depok

SDN Sukmajaya 5 Depok

SMP N 3 Depok

SMA N 1 Depok "33 Scholastic"

FEUI 2012 - Accounting


"Nobody is perfect. So, enjoy your life & always be positive thinking of all our problems, because God will always bless us anywhere & anytime certainly!" :)

Be better than yesterday, always (:

Be the most responsive to change, always :)

Be istiqamah to strive along the Allah SWT.'s way, always (:

For what i was born into the world? :)

The fastest way to get in our own destination, is the straight way (:

Appreciate our Precious Time, always :)

The finest camera in the world i've ever had during my lifetime, is my eyes (:

  • Education
    • Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia (Bachelor Degree)