a nightowl

"Inside every older person is a younger person wondering what the f*ck happened." :)


Who Am I?

I want to be a fiddler n a country western band

Amusing hoards of strangers As I tour across the land.

Or could I be a writer? Weaving tales with plots intense

Existing in my attic With my paper and my pens.

Part is black boot red hair vagrant Playing life right to the end

Leather jackets glares and zippers Hoping life is just pretend.

I could have been a critic Reading books that others won't

Explain to the world Those that sell and ~ those that don't.

If only I could still sing The music that I hear

Expressing feelings deep inside Through music - crystal clear.

Instead, I'm just an artist An intellect by night

Writing poetry and painting Fanning my own creative light.

I'm a collector and creator Of the colors that I see

Ever striving to improve on Works that now - are me.

I'm a rebel, always pushing At the bonds that surround my life

Flying off to far off lands To relieve my inner strife.

I'm a mother and a lover I'm a tenderhearted soul

Walking gently on my pathway Listening to my rock n roll.

©g.abbey 5.3.11