Anijah Moore

Boston, MA

Ever since I was a young girl, I wondered about the components of music and why I like certain songs. My father used to play Metallica in the car and would ask me to point out every sound I could hear, then ask me what instrument produced it. Some days the genre would be pop, gospel, rock, or hip-hop, but my favorite was when we analyzed disco and house music. This game my father and I used to play sparked my interest in the multi-layers of music.

I was a very scattered kid when it came to my hobbies and interests. I danced for a little while, I would act in small plays on and off, I did homemade science projects often, but my interest in music is the most constant. In early education I began to play the trombone, which produced many opportunities, one of the most fruitful being the acceptance into a performing arts high school. In middle school is where my career path decision-making began; I was stuck between acting, creating a record label, or becoming a music producer. I juggled these three possibilities with the pursuit of my college career.

Throughout my time at Berklee, I found that I was drawn to creating electronic music, jingle writing, and voice-over acting. This led me to pursue a major in Electronic Production and Design with a minor in Theater. The music I compose has always been energetic, light, and very animated. I aspire to make music for cartoon shows and commercials. I do not want to limit myself to just being a musician, but instead I strive to exhaust every avenue of artistry that inspires me and helps me grow.

  • Work
    • Music Production Instructor
  • Education
    • Berklee College of Music