Anika Wilson-Brown, MSW, LGSW

Washington, Dc Metropolitan Area

Anika Wilson Brown

Dynamic. Engaging. Transformative. These three words give witness to what has become the lifework of Empowerment Coach, Anika Wilson Brown. Anika’s innate ability to fuse the treatment of body, mind, and soul for a lasting indelible impression on one’s best self and best life puts her in a category of her own.

Dynamic. One of the most sought-after speakers on the topic of merging faith and psycho therapy, Anika has spoken on diverse platforms, ranging from arena-sized gatherings to one-on-one small sessions. She uses her platform as a means of helping the individual actualize his or her best self. As the Keynote Speaker for Iyanla Vanzant’s Inner Vision Life Coaching Graduation, Anika was able to help the audience connect the dots of body, mind, and soul in a practical way, charging them to go out into the world with the confidence that they are living both in and on purpose. At the National Alliance on Mental Illness, Anika shared a groundbreaking presentation on Spirituality and Mental Health, making plain the dire need for people and institutions of faith to both acknowledge and embrace therapy as a method of healing, in addition to prayer and faith traditions. As a Licensed Graduate Social Worker (LGSW) and PhD Candidate who provides clinical assessment and clinical psychotherapy to clients with primary or secondary mental health challenges, Anika skillfully crafts an approach to wholeness that embraces and balances both the behavior of people as well as the science behind the behavior. Her message is one of healing and restoration through practical application. Her message is Dynamic.

Engaging. It is said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. This concept is a foundational one for Anika in the work that she does with groups and individuals. Raised as the eldest child of Baptist Ministers, Anika learned early in life how to hide in the shadows of low self-esteem and intimidation. Too shy to speak in public, it wasn’t until her teen years that she slowly began to emerge from the background and find her voice, only to be engulfed by the blazing glare of the ministry spotlight. It is from those moments of uncertainty and despair that Anika’s sensitivity to people’s real-world problems developed. To that end, she continues to work tirelessly to reach the people who feel utterly lost, re-engaging them in life to remind them that every day provides an opportunity

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