Aniket Jain

Aniket Jain

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Past: Interim CEO, MSG91 & Co-founder, DelightPI

Current: Seeking to bring product success to a tech-driven, fast evolving company, and evolve myself into a better CEO.

Apart from work, a divine follower of works of Bukowski, Murakami, Manto and Gulzar (contrasting choices, I know). Loves to delve into existentialist prose. Specially, the works of Samuel Beckett.

I write poems that no one understands, story concepts that end where they started and jokes & memes no one laughs on. Well, let me face it: writing can be my passion but is not my forte.

Theatre buff and movie critic, it's a no-brainer that I suck at stage performances.

Some time in future, I want to meet the great Gulzar & Murakami, work on the drama sets Beckett ruled, read Manto just one more time, and lead the life Bukowski led.

And when all is done, I want to create a map/platform that help us understand which incidents in world history have shaped our present the way it is.