Aniket Jain

Aniket Jain

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Director, Walkover web solutions.

Interim CEO,

Short, slow, and thoughtful.

Currently planning global expansion of my product: MSG91. Looking for various small acquisitions in coming 3-4 months.

Apart from work, a divine follower of Charles Bukowski, Jim Holt and Manto (although haven't read much of their work.) Devoted to the work of Gulzar and Samuel Beckett.

I write poems no one understand. And sentences that are creepily sad to the very core. Love to develop (short) film concepts that ends where they started. I try to be funny, but, let's face it; it's not my forte!

Too drunk on the idea that we exist without a purpose.

Want to write a drama on existentialism, do a course in the field of literature and map a geography of world history - all in next 5 years.

Contact me @, if you can arrange a meeting with Gulzar [or] know how to go back in time [or] want to discuss a IT product/idea.