Aniket Jain

Aniket Jain

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Director, Walkover web solutions.

Short, slow, and thoughtful.

Currently working on an IT backed idea that'll zero the corporates' hassles in client charming. Well, in simple words, instead of boring coupons, they would now send you real personal gifts.

Has been instrumental in MSG91's growth in domestic and global circuits - alike - for over last 18 months.

By the end of December 2018, want to personalise every gift exchange that happen between a corporate and it's client.

Apart from work, a divine follower of Charles Bukowski, Murakami, Jim Holt and Manto (contrasting choice, I know). Devoted to the works of Gulzar and Samuel Beckett.

I write poems no one understand. And sentences that are creepily sad to the very core. Love to develop (short) film concepts that ends where they started. I try to be funny, but, let's face it; it's not my forte!

Too drunk on the idea that we exist without a purpose.

Want to write a drama on existentialism, do a course in the field of literature and map a geography of world history - all in next 5 years.

Contact me @, if you can arrange a meeting with Gulzar [or] know how to go back in time [or] want to discuss an IT product/idea.