Aniket Shinde

Entrepreneur in Hong Kong

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Understanding a person is as simple as knowing what he does, this what I normally do :

1) Ideating

I get inspired from various things happening and surrounding me.

Best part about living is that you can connect the inspired dots and create an idea.

2) Problem Solving

I solve most of my problems by:

a) Planning and Designing : This feels like an ideal thing and I use this normally to formulate a problem.

b)Being RunTimish (Dynamic) : Most of my problems are solved by solving the problem as it comes. Solving like this does not even makes you think that it's a problem and you are good to go.

For bigger problems I consider method a) to break down the problem and method b) to solve it.

3) Exploring the Internet

This is crucial to get the information necessary to do almost anything.

4) Networking

Human is a social animal. Great conversations fuel one's personality. Love to go out and meet new conversations.

  • Education
    • IT Engineer from Mumbai University