Aniketh Mj

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Aniketh in Sanskrit means “without a home”. I have defined “home” very differently for myself. My experiences have ranged from dislocating my shoulder multiple times to backpacking across South East Asia to travelling across all 28 UNESCO world heritage sites in India to calling the Himalayan ranges my dwelling to getting my passport stamped by 17 different embassies over the last 10 years. My travel stories also include hitchhiking on a truck that later caught fire and being rescued by lifeguards while trying to save a friend in the fierce waters of Bali. My love for wildlife can only be matched by an undying craze for Ultimate Frisbee. It is no wonder that I chose to work for a company that best describes my outlook towards life- LifeisOutside.

On a serious note, I have spent nights at Goldman Sachs offices making my desk my bed. I have also attempted to start a travel company for which I got no backers. I cannot decide if the experience of working with my dad was inspiring or intimidating. My current job description tests me on how effective my sales pitches are as much as how good a coffee I can make to walk-in customers at office.

I can be identified as the guy with a camera around his neck and a Frisbee in his hand!

  • Work
    • Goldman Sachs
  • Education
    • Christ College - Bangalore