Aniketh Dsouza

Hi, my name is Aniketh Dsouza. I’m a New Media Consultant for Beehive Communications in Mumbai. I have about a 5 years experience in Social Media and have worked in various spheres within my company across departments such as Public Relations, Client Servicing, Marketing Intelligence and Web & Graphics Design. I specialize in branding and look at promotional alternatives which are free and almost equally efficient in generating awareness and buzz for the brand.

I seem to have achieved a bit more than an average person; thanks to my swimming career I had during my childhood days that got me to represent my country at international meets in Macau, Bangkok, Jakarta and Australia. In 2005, I was awarded with the Ekalavya Award for my performances when I became the fastest swimmer in India and and in 2009, I was also honored as top 100 guests of the Prime Minister during the Republic Day for my outstanding academic performances and sport.

That being said, my dream is to help brands cut through the noise and reach targeted audience with the least money spent. Of course, I do have an ambition to invest in ideas for the ‘next big thing’ and couple of ides to work on it as well. But above all, I intend to bring value for free through my efforts because we as consumers do not care who made the product/ service unless it is remarkable.