Aniket Patel

I was born in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania on 18 February 1974. I spent the first 13 years of my life in Tanzania. My 14th year was spent studying in India and when I was 15 my family moved to the UK. I am a British Citizen and have lived in the UK every since.

I hold a MBA from The University of Warwick and a BSc. Honours Degree in Computer Science from Kingston University. I started my working life at Sequent Computers, however within a year IBM acquired the company and have worked for Big Blue since.

I have held various positions at IBM, including AIX and HPC software support through to managing the System z, Power Systems and Enterprise Storage hardware support teams.

Today I run the High Performance Computing (HPC) Professional Services business across Europe leading a team of highly skilled individuals. HPC has always been associated with Universities and Research companies. However it has become more. BigData is bringing HPC to the commercial environment with GPFS becoming the filesystem of choice for many financial instutions.