Nikhil Agrawal

Nikhil Agrawal is a crazy Soul from Nepal. A Professional Blogger PC Evangelist and Risk Taker from Nepal. He is very passionate about sharing knowledge and to learn new things from others. He loves to Blog and writes for many popular websites, a Tech Savvy guy addicted to Computers and gadgets. He loves to tweak and research on Mobile Phones and new path to gain income from online .

Nikhil also likes movies and music, crazy for Hollywood movies, big fan of Katrina Kaif, Slena Gomez,Backstreet boys, Mohit Chauhan and A.R. Rahman. His role models are Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and most inspiring MVP Nitin Agarwal .

You can find him on Twitter @anikhil700 and on Facebook.

He recently founded new websites i.e. WinMajor.

WinMajor is his blog where he shares about Microsoft product news and Windows related tips & tricks.