Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I Wish I Knew As Much As I Do Not.
The seeds that are sown, they still control me.

Books: Recent indulgences:

Music: God thank you for creating 5 things.
Parents, my Guruji, my Friends, Me & Music to top all this! Oops..... I forgot the green grass & blue sky back in India. It makes me sing sometimes!

TV Shows: The Wonder Years, I Dream of Jeannie (Have both seasons, all episodes. पहीजे तर सांगायच ..... काय?)

Movies: English: One Fine Day, Angel Eyes, A Beautiful Mind. हिंदी: आवारापन, गुरु, मुन्नाभाई ऐम.बी.बी.ऐस. Cuisines: प्यार से बना हुआ खाना. Thoughtfully made food.

Education: Bachelor's Degree Computer Engineering
High School: Fr. Agnel's College/
University: University of Mumbai Major: Computer
Degree: BS

Occupation: Capacity Planner Industry: Technologist, Computer Networking Company: Capgemini Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. Company webpage:
Title: Consultant Career Skills: Computer Networking

Career Interests: Research Neurology and Endocrinology

Ideal Match: Recent: Wooing. Earlier: I am too good. Ideal match not possible.

First thing you will notice about me: Find me first!

Best Feature: Eyes
Turn ons: Intelligence Turn offs: कुछ भी करो ..... बत्ती कभी नहीं बजती!

My idea of a perfect first date: तारीख पे तारीख ..... पे ..... तारीख!!

From my past relationships i learned:
इस दस्त मैं एक शहर था, वोह क्या हुआ ..... आवारगी .....
Aisa Jakham Diya Hai, Jo Na Ab Bharega, Har Haseen Chehre Se Ab Ye Dil Darega .... Hum Toa Jaan Dekar Yuhi Mar Mite The, Sun Lo Eh Haseeno Yeh Humse Ab Na Hoga..aa..aa..aa.

God promise! Kuch nahin सीखा! Come back! This time सीखूँगा!! Promise! I love you ना!!!!!

Five things I cant live without: Laptop 'n' Internet connection. Rest कुछ भी चलेगा! In my bedroom you will find: अरे पूछो क्या नहीं मिलेगा!

  • Work
    • Capgemini
  • Education
    • St Paul's School
    • Fr. Agnel Multipurpose School
    • University of Mumbai