Anilia Arneus

thanks again for signing up to my email list. I wrote the ebook specifically for you so that you can start making money online and begin living your dreams.

The entrepreneurial spirit was instilled in me by my dad; he came to this country from Haiti and worked his fingers to the bone so that we could have a good life. But he died at 38 and didn't get to see the fruits of all his work. He taught my brothers and I to value what we owned, strive to be free from others telling us what to do and not to settle for less in life.

I didn't start out with my own lemonade stand, paper route or Ebay business in high school, like alot of internet entrepreneurs have. For years I wanted to own my own business but didn't know what I should build. I'm more of a creative/artistic person than a technical one, so I wa stuck... until I stumbled onto the online business possibility.

When I started out in 2009, I didn't have any marketing expertise, technical know-how or burning passion that would lead me to create my own products. All I had were my dreams of being my own boss, living a stress-free, abundant life and doing something that would help others. Since then I've taught myself HTML and CSS, read hundreds of ebooks, taken so many courses on email marketing, copywriting, listbuilding, I mean if someone said "do this to make money online" then I've probably tried it.

I went from being clueless about all this stuff to mastering the necessary skills to run a successful online business. And my mission is to help people break free of the chains that bind us to boring desk jobs and soul-sucking cubicle life. I'm not out to scam anyone, spam anyone or promote empty products and services. There are sooo many people out there who are just in this for a quick buck... I believe that there's more than enough money and business out there for everyone, there's no need to live without honesty or integrity. If we don't treat each other with honor and respect, what's the point of making money?

I'm excited about the future and hope you are too. Let's stay in touch.