anil mogili

Auckland, New Zealand.



Personal Philosophy:

Nurture and Cherish Goodness by Deeds and Pray. Respect and contribute for the balance of Eco-system. Admire kids and children. Motivate and stimulate potential. Conservative. Aid to radiate organic human values.

Personal interests:

People and their well being, Creativity, Freedom, Open sources and free flow of knowledge, Healthy Technology, Commerce free social engineering, Balanced Ecology, Love and Peace. United Humanity.

Some of my skills:

Sales & Retention, Market research, Merchandising, B2B, F2F, In-bound & Out-bound telephony, Veriety of CRM, SFA, Google adwords, Google analytics, SEO, Entrepreneurship, Email advertisement and campaign management, Knowledge transfer fecilitation, Pharmaceutical manufacturing, Territory Sales Management, Gardening, House washing, Painting, Car fixing, Handy man in trade industry, + more as the need arises.

  • Education
    • Graduate Diploma in B.I.S
    • CTFL