Anil Shibad

Sales Leader: IT & PV Technologies in New Jersey

I love questions because where they lead to interests me.

Moreover, of all the query types I especially favor the expression: Why not & how… they advance the pursuits I revel in, viz. changing the status quo.

As such, I find inertia tedious. It gets exciting if things do not work. Whilst the opportunity to fix it is amply satisfying, what thrills me more is making better those things that are just chugging along.

This trait is the foundation of my many successes that include several firsts, establishing records and setting new trends. It is also the basis in doing more because having been there and done that is not enough for me.

Consequently, I have a natural affinity to areas where change is frequent and improving the status quo is a necessity. This is why I engage in driving New Business Development and Sales, where going further is more important than getting there, and forging new paths the most important of all.

I cut teeth in this profession even before the start of my professional career. I come from a family of Marketers & Entrepreneurs that provided the foundation I would need to specialize in this trade. With 20+ years of work history, I have accumulated a wide range of learning from wins and failures that has honed the expertise at what I do.

I am very inquisitive. I find it very gratifying to know a lot of stuff about a lot of stuff. This makes me a voracious reader that affords me the knowledge base to have a broad perspective on many things. My favorite book is the one I have not read yet. It also makes me a good listener because reading is a type of listening; which in turn makes me an excellent communicator, the prerequisite skill in understanding people and influencing outcomes.

I love making new professional contacts. Let us get together; it could add value to what we are doing.

Specialties: IT Solutions, Alternate Energy Technologies, Consulting Services, Turnkey/Outsourced Projects, Startup Companies, Partnerships

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